Steelhead Range-wide Assessment

Steelhead management on the west coast of the continental United States occurs within multiple state and federal jurisdictions. Despite the listing of the majority of populations under the Endangered Species Act, steelhead have not been subject to a range-wide assessment that spans those boundaries. Trout Unlimited gathered public, spatial datasets related to steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) distribution, populations, habitat quality, and future threats in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to provide such an assessment. We summarized and interpreted data within populations and subwatersheds using Conservation Success Index methods to describe patterns within the data and identify key opportunities for conservation actions. These products are also presented as a Steelhead Conservation Atlas in support of the newly launched Wild Steelhead Initiative.  
Download the Range-wide Assessment of Strategic Management Opportunities for Wild Winter and Summer Steelhead.



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