Remote Sensing and Fisheries

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Dauwalter, D. C., K. A. Fesenmyer, R. Bjork, D. R. Leasure, and S. J. Wenger. 2017. Satellite and airborne remote sensing applications to freshwater fisheries. Fisheries 42(10):526-537.

Supplementary file:

Table S1. Examples of commonly used commercial and governmental (civilian) spaceborne satellites and sensors used in natural resources applications of remote sensing.

Other additional files:

Table A1. Terminology commonly associated with remote sensing data.

Box A1. Remote sensing data: levels, availability, and use.

Box A2. Tradeoffs of resolution vs. frequency, and implications for appropriate scale.

Sentinel 2 satellite true color images (10-m resolution) of the confluence of the Tennessee River (south) with the Ohio River (north) on 6 February, 2016 (top panel) and the Detroit River delta at the confluence with Lake Erie on 29 June, 2016 (bottom panel).


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